Thursday, February 19, 2009

When a Phoenix Flew

Great thing about these “personal blogs”, you get to be personal – and who said in business, it’s not personal, but I digress.

The subject of my blog is Capacity and Capabilities. My writings will be on the confluence of both as it relates to building and growing an enterprise – my particular area of interest is in doing so for start-up and small businesses.

Some time ago before I embarked on working on this, from the consultative perspective, (that’s not a paid announcement, is it?), I had the opportunity to see capacity and capabilities form as an outcome of the expression of character, competence and execution.

Two years ago a group of folks from different organizations, different cultures with different goals, but the same fears, came together to undertake a massive technology- focused undertaking. And, what about those fears; the same for most, in many organizations – security, the unknown, turf, well being, and the ability to make a difference – you get the picture. These are pronounced when added to the blend of “on-shore and off-shore’ work and team building – a subject that I will speak directly to in future posts. Any casual Google search of the subject matter usually begins and ends with one word – Disaster!!.

Well, farther from the truth for these folks. They overcame their fears, found a common vision that Einstein would have been proud of – no hallucination, just execution. At the same time, they also found a common language, a common set of goals and a common means to achieve them. They stand as a resounding affirmation of what happens when spirits are not constrained by work, but rather are expanded by it; by what happens when a belief in what can be overcomes the doubt of what could have been; by what happens when the flashlight of professional hope illuminates and dispels those organizational worries of what “goes bump in the night”

And so, with all due apologies to T.H. White, as this group celebrates the one year anniversary of their great achievement – don’t let it be forgot that once there was a spot where common destinies and multiple futures were lingua franca.

I never will.

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